VPN servers

What is a VPN service? And how should you do research when looking for the perfect new service?

VPN stands for a virtual privénetwork. In short, a VPN connection is an encrypted data connection. This encryption takes place between your device and the VPN server you are connected to. When you are connected to a server of a VPN application, all your traffic passes through that server before it reaches the Internet. In addition, the traffic is encrypted, your IP address is changed, and you are anonymous online for the TOP 10 beste VPN norge.

  1. It may sound complicated, but it’s actually not. To understand it better, we’ll explain it with the help of a picture:
  2. Traffic passing through a remote server has a number of consequences that also give rise to a number of different VPN applications.
  3. Initially, such secure connections were designed to allow remote devices to connect to local networks. These local networks are usually larger Pc networks, for example within an organization. For example, if you connect to UvA’s VPN, you can access a number of dissertations and publications, IT services and so on.
  4. For individuals, however, your traffic sent through a remote server has a number of other positive benefits. This is closely related to the fact that by sending your traffic through a remote server, you both hide and change your IP address. See below for the benefits with VPN.

How do I connect to a VPN?

There are several ways you can connect to a VPN, but the easiest way to get a VPN connection is to download a VPN program from a company that sells it.

There are very many VPN companies that have different servers around the world. You can use these to, among other things, encrypt your traffic and be safer online and/or view blocked content. All you have to do is download a VPN service and connect to the VPN server you need.

There is, however, a big difference between how good these VPN services are, both in terms of security, speed and stability of the servers. Below you’ll find a brief overview of three VPN services that are currently the best on the market. After that, we’ll write more generally about VPN. If you want to see a test of different VPN services for use in France, you can read more here about nordvpn paiement mensuel.


  • Extremely good value for money
  • 3000 servers in 94 countries
  • AES 256 encryption

ExpressVPN is a slightly more expensive VPN service compared to other VPN services. In return, however, you get very good value for your money. ExpressVPN is therefore the test winner of our test. The service has more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries. ExpressVPN’s servers are at a very high level. The speed is unmatched by other services, and this also applies to the stability of the connection. The service virtually never fails.

The security of ExpressVPN is also very good, and the service employs a zero-log policy and an encryption level as good as that of the U.S. military, called AES 256-bit encryption. In addition, ExpressVPN offers features such as kill switch, DNS leak protection, PTP servers and the like. ExpressVPN’s servers in the Netherlands also perform very well in our tests, and together with a user menu in Dutch, this service is a good choice for Dutch users.

The user menu of ExpressVPN is also simple and intuïtive to use. See here an image of the main menu on the computer. Download the service and connect to a selected server. In addition, the service has very good platforms and apps for devices such as iPhone, Android, PC, Mac, Windows and so on. ExpressVPN’s extensions on Chrome, Firefox and similar browsers also work well with Nord VPN Japan.