Monthly Archive: September 2021

Large-scale cryptominer buys Dutch miner and distributed servers

The German Northern Data AG has announced that it has acquired the Dutch cryptocurrencies miner and server provider Decentric Europe BV in its entirety for 365 million euros.


Decentric Europe is registered in the Netherlands, and after the acquisition Northern Data plans to set up facilities in Germany, Norway and Sweden in addition to Dutch server locations. has enough information. The company will be acquired from, a cryptocurrencies-focused company that will acquire an 18.2% stake in Northern Data through the purchase. has more than 24,000 Gigabyte servers with a whopping 223,000 video cards from AMD and Nvidia, which it uses for mining cryptocurrencies. Northern Data pays 195 euros for this, as well as another 170 euros in shares.


The installation with the 223,000 video cards is new and should be completed in the third quarter of this year. In total, the network has an fp32 computing power of 1.29 exaflops, and a hashrate of 7.3 terahash. Some compute performance it will be a lot more powerful than even the world’s most powerful supercomputer. Crypto has enough information. Currently, that’s Fugaku, which can handle 800 petaflops of fp32 computing power. It is not known exactly which video cards are involved, it could be consumer cards or video cards that are especially suitable for mining. The entire installation will also be powered by green energy, and there is already talk about expansion possibilities that do not fall within the blockchain industry.